Whitesburg, TN. 37891

Leopard Appaloosa
~ Some of our Appaloosas ~

Our Appaloosas come from the Wiseman Ranch in Johnson City, Tennessee
which was operated by the late Mr. Wiseman and his son Jeff. Arnold Wiseman
was a well known appaloosa breeder for more than 30 years and was very
selective in his breeding stock. His diligence has improved the breed
and he has left his mark on many who miss him dearly. Talking with his
friends and family makes me wish I could have known him.

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Three of our Appaloosa mares trace back to Poco Bueno at least once.
All have tested N/N for HERDA!

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Pedigree for Wa Ulrich Gem
2005 ApHC Blue Roan Appaloosa Mare
97% Foundation bred and chock full of the famous Ulrich lines.
THE best disposition to go with all those spots! She is a shuffler and a reliable trail horse.
Better than I could have ever dreamed. She is color tested EEAA - BLACK!

WA Ulrich Gem


Pedigree for Wa Arapho Lena

2005 ApHC Bay Roan Appaloosa Mare
77% foundation mare with a very workable personality.
Dottie has become my husband's trail mare and doing very well
Not bad on the eyes either ;o)

WA Arapho Lena


Pedigree for RDK Red Sage
2008 ApHC Fewspot Appaloosa Mare
Sage has wonderful foundation bloodlines that would be a enviable addition
to any foundation breeder's herd. We currently have her for sale due to a need to downsize
and our decision to halt breeding operations for the forseeable future. We like her foundation lines and hope
we can find a good foundation breeder to give her a home. More can be seen of her on our sales page.

RDK Red Sage


Pedigree for Moneys Dun Cowgirl
2008 ApHC Dun filly
100% Foundation bred and chock full of the famous Ulrich lines.
My trail mare orphaned her and so she is like a child to us.
Hoping to put her under saddle this year. I believe she is also a shuffler!
She is color tested EEAa


Pedigree for Everybody's Angel
2010 ApHC Bay filly with blanket
100% Foundation bred and the second filly from my mare We think she may shuffle
as well but won't be positive until she is put under saddle when she is old enough.
She has surprised us with her roaning out this year!

~The Girls~

A day in the spring when some of the mares were just plain kicking back!

Taking A Break

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