Whitesburg, TN. 37891

~ Some of our Critters and dependants ~

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Stray we found as a kitten near Sevierville tired, hungry and yowling for help.

Chopstick -aka- Choppy

The Amigos

The last litter Miss Kitty had before we were able to get her "fixed". Coyotes have taken
two of these beautiful kids along with my beautiful snuggles. I miss them


We got Dixie from the local Animal shelter as a puppy about 8 years ago.
She's a loyal and loving animal.


Somebody dropped Carlos off on our doorstep. They even anonomyously dropped off (on our porch)
two brand new leashes a few days later! He is growing out of the puppy habit of chewing everything
up and making piles in the yard and seems to be a pretty good dog.


Ginger was left on the side of the road near our house.
We adopted her, had her spayed and now she's a good "ranch" dog.
Loves to go on trail rides too!



Our Dominique Rooster! He's a pretty thing.
These birds are somewhat rare from being inbred and confused with Barred Rock Chickens.

Dominique Rooster!

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