Whitesburg, TN. 37891

Crooked Creek Ranch & & Cattle Company

We are a small ranch located in the foothills of East Tennessee. We specialize in quality horses
and black Angus beef. We sell feeder calves as they become available. We can either feed them out for you
and deliver them to the butcher or you can feed them yourself. We do not give our beef hormones and they
are grass fed supplemented with corn, soybeans and other natural foods.

We sometimes have a variety of good riding horses for sale as well as
weanlings and yearlings. Please email or call for availability.

Our cattle are rasied on our ranch and are 100% American beef!

Currently we have no feeder steers available.

~~ Click the Sales link above for more information about the horses we have for sale.

~~ We are also open to trades - Click on the Trade link to see what's in our trading shed.

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