~ Crooked Creek Other Equines ~

Whitesburg, TN. 37891

Some of our other equines!

Some of these pictures show equines un-attended with halters on in pasture.
We do not make a habit of this and for the safety of the equine do not recommend it.

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2007 Palomino Tennessee Walking Horse Mare. She is another of my husband's favorite trail mares.
We raised her from a foal and I'm not sure there are many out there as sweet as her.
She is so agreeable and willing and truly loves to hit the trail!.
She and Richard are having lots of fun on the trails!


2008 Quarter Horse Mare. Wonderful trail horse. She has great cow sense and I hope to improve on her experience
in that area this year. She naturally pins her ears at the cattle and seems to really enjoy it. Very sweet mare and one of my
trail horses. She is still green but she is coming along very well. We love her!


1999 Mustang mare. Biscuit is a doll. She is the best confidence builder I could have ever had. She is semi-retired now
but we bring her out for all the newbies or kids to ride. She is a great little mare!


2000 Sorrel Quarter Horse Mare. She is a great trail horse with a wonderful smooth movement.
She pays attention to her rider and has a very willing attitude to go with a nice pedigree.

Dillons Red Ruby


He is a sweet donkey with a great personality but only nugget who had him for a weaning buddy appreciates it.
Coyotes are not afraid of him exactly but when he bellows they scatter quick!
Seems that nothing on the farm likes his pretty hee haws either ;o)..
Except maybe ME!


Festus and Nugget!

Festus and Nugget

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